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Resources for International Student Engagement

Who we are?

Resources for International Student Engagement (RISE) supports internationalization at the University of Szczecin by advising international students in everyday life situation and integrating international and domestic students.  

Moving to a new country while completing your education can be overwhelming, but RISE is here to support you every step of the way. If you have questions about our services feel free to reach out at

New students – pre-arrival

We are so excited you’ve decided to join the US community. Resources for International Student Engagement is here for you as you prepare to move to Szczecin and begin your international education. On this page, you can explore checklists, resources, and tips for a smooth transition.


The Brigde Programme brings domestic and international students from US to form multi-disciplinary teams to develop solutions to issues currently impacting a global community.Teams of 4 to 6 students work together under a strict timeline to develop a strategic solution to the selected case. Teams present their strategies to a group of judges who will then decide the winners.

Virtual meeting space

We creat special vitural space to connect international students with their locacl peers.

International buddy programme

The Resources for International Student Engagement Coordinators  play a crucial role in supporting and integrating international and domestic students. This program is committed to pairing international students with an experienced and committed US student who can help them adjust to living in a new city, and to meet, mix with, and learn from other US students. The goal of the International Buddy Program is to enrich the international student’s experience abroad and to create a truly global community.

Meet people full of enthusiasm, initiative, willingness to learn about new cultures and, above all, motivated to help those for whom Poland becomes a second home during their studies.


Resources for International Student Engagement is excited to welcome you to the University of Szczecin! International Student O-Week gives you the space and time you need to begin getting acquainted with Szczecin, US, and life as a student here. The orientation process is designed to help smooth the transition into a new living and learning situation.

Lets meet

The goal of this initiative is to create a space for events and meetings in order to promote intercultural exchange. By creating an open and friendly atmosphere international and domestic students will learn about cultural diveristy, intercultural communication and enjoy the time.

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